Cuffs line


Cuff topstitch machine


The UAM05 is the ideal solution to reduce times during the production of the cuffs.
The machine can create the topstitch to all kind of cuff shapes, thanks to the ability to change the jigs quickly and without the use of tools.
With its patented head whose speed can be adapted and the fully automatic loading and unloading system, it allows the machine to be operated without the operator being present.
The program containing all the shapes and cuffs sizes can be changed directly on the machine, which is controlled by the computer.
Furthermore, the user-interface gives you all relevant information such as cycle times and how many pieces have been produced.
This option allows us to act directly from Italy if a problem is detected, using only the Wi-Fi.

Technical features
Electrical Power 5 kW
Electrical Supply 380 V – 50Hz convertible
Pneumatic Supply 6 Bar
Air Consumption 1 l/pc
Weight 500 kg
Packing 210 x 140 x 186 h

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