Cuffs line


Cuff pressing and fusing machine


This machine was created to work, no matter how high the operator’s capacity to feed the machine may be. The cuff must be reversed manually by the operator and put on the expandable
and interchangeable plate, where it will be positioned automatically. The cuff will then go into the machine between two heated conveyors where it will be heated and also fused, according to the pre-cycle. Once completed, the cuff is automatically ironed and plasticized by a heated plate and brought to the stacker, where it will cool until the operator collects all the finished cuffs.
The patented unit is also equipped with a PLC to regulate the work cycle through a touch-screen (time and temperature), based on the material type.

Techincal sheet
Technical features
Production350 pcs/h
Electrical Power5,5 Kw
Electrical Supply380 V 50 Hz
Pneumatic Supply6 Bar
Air Consumption4 l/pc
Packing140x80x165h cm
Weight280 Kg

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