Collar line


Fusing machine


The adhesive machine was created to satisfy our most exigent clients who want to have a machine capable to fuse collars, cuffs and other elements of high productions but with high-quality results. The MP 2S fuses continually, for a complete uniformity on the piece. A taking-system pre-fixes the fabric and the adhesive part together before entering the machine in order to avoid the electrostatic effect that could move them. The temperature is controlled by a touch screen, allowing the operator to quickly adjust the temperature of the resistances. Finally, the stacker at the end of the process will methodically place them without any human help. The stacker allows the hot finished piece to cool by itself and will not be affected by human hands that may change its the shape. This machine is equipped with a patented conveyor cleaning system made of specific researched material.

Techincal sheet
Technical features
Production 800 shirts/day
Electrical Power 12 Kw
Electrical Supply 380 V + N
Pneumatic Supply 6 Bar
Air Consumption 1 nl/min pc
Packing 180x120x190h cm
Weight 571 Kg

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