Collar line

UAM 03

Collar and cuff runstitch machine


This machine is a unique fully automated system that allows to sew collars and cuffs with a patented MAICA knotted stitch sewing machine. The pieces are also trimmed and stacked automatically.
This unit is controlled electronically by the computer, which means that the system allows any type of stitching with an automatic size change.
This option allows us to act directly from Italy if a problem is detected using only the Wi-Fi. The new jigs for the new shapes can be easily changed and have minimum costs.
Plus, collars and cuffs are trimmed separately from the sewing phase, giving the possibility to have completely different cut and sewing lines, if needed. The machine is flexible and gives different applications options (flaps, shoulder pads,...)

Techincal sheet
UAM 03
Technical features
Production 2800 Cuffs/day
Production 1600 Collars/day
Electrical Supply 380 V 50 Hz
Electrical Power 5 Kw
Pneumatic Supply 7 Bar
Air Consumption 1 l/pc
Packing 320x150x190h cm
Weight 555 Kg

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