Front placket line


Automated front sewing machine


The automatic MACD unit was made to sew one or more sewing lines at the same time on the non-pre-ironed front plackets.
Its main features are the easiness to use which, combined to its high-speed results in a high quality production. Thanks to the belts that transport the pieces to the sewing station, the fabric goes through a folder that allows the machine to fold the front placket and insert the tape before sewing the fabric. An automated cutting-thread system was added to the end of the operation to separate all the pieces which are still attached from the same thread.
This unit is the ultimate solution for large productions of single models, ensuring the best productivity and quality.a

Technical features
Production 375 pcs/h
Electrical Supply 380 V + N 50 Hz
Electrical Power 3 Kw
Air Consumption 1 l/pc
Packing 320x110x162h cm
Weight 350 Kg

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