Front placket line

MA 04

Buttonholes indexer


The MA 04 model was made to conduct the buttonholes operation faster than ever, thanks to its vacuum system making the placement and alignment of the fabric extremely easy. This machine continually sews the buttonholes with the help of an auto-moving system, allowing the operator to work on more than one machine at the same time.
A program, accessible through a touch screen, has been added to allow to have different sized shirts and also different gaps between the buttonholes on one shirt. These options are possible thanks to a motorised conveyor feeding the machine with the shirt.
An automatic stacker at the end of the operation collects all the finished shirts.

Techincal sheet
MA 04
Technical features
Production120 shirts/h
Electrical Supply220V + 50Hz
Electrical Power500 W
Pneumatic Supply6 Bar
Air Consumption1 nl/min
Packing135x145x180h cm
Weight276 Kg

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