Sleeve placket machines

UAM 04

Sleeve placket setter


This machine is a unique fully automated system that allows to fold and sew the sleeve plackets to the sleeves without them needing to be pre- ironed. It is equipped with two patented MAICA Folding heads right and left side which allow to prepare the next piece while the machine is sewing the current one. The laser helps the operator to perfectly place and align striped fabrics. A vacuum system, along with blades, will fold it to make it ready for the stitching part.
The length of the sleeve placket can be adjusted using the same jigs, but different widths will make you change it for a new one. The width can go from 15mm to 30mm. Two stackers will follow the process and move the finished pieces to the back of the unit. Everything is controlled by the computer so that the operator only needs to feed the machine. This option allows us to act directly from Italy if a problem is detected using only the Wi-Fi.

Techincal sheet
UAM 04
Technical features
Production 250 pcs/h
Electrical Supply 380V 50Hz
Pneumatic Supply 7 Bar
Air Consumption 1 l/pc
Packing 210x140x210h cm
Weight 555 Kg

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