Sleeve placket machines


Sleeve placket pressing machine


This machine was designed for manufacturers who are looking for high quality results in a short time. This is achieved by folding the sleeve plackets, which are ready to be perfectly placed on the sleeve for a quicker stitching. The sleeve plackets are folded with the support of a vacuum system and they are pressed by pair, allowing to match the plaids, stripes, etc. between the left and the right side of the same shirt.
The machine is equipped with a stacker at the back, which gives more time to the operator who only needs to feed the machine instead of taking them back after each cycle.
The dies can be easily changed, allowing different possible applications for this machine like gussets, for example.

Techincal sheet
Technical features
Production 250 pairs/h
Electrical Power 5 Kw
Electrical Supply 380 V
Pneumatic Supply 6 Bar
Air Consumption 5 l/pc
Packing 120x95x170h cm
Weight 283 Kg

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