Pocket lines

UAM 01

Pocket setter


The automated unit UAM 01 with its patented MAICA sewing head was created to attach the pocket, which does not need to be pre-ironed.
The speed of the machine can be used for big productions, but can be adapted to small productions as well. The lasers help the operator to perfectly place and align the fabric. A vacuum system, along with blades, will fold it to make it ready for the stitching part. The flexibility of the machine also allows to sew labels and collar bones. Furthermore, a new application allows the machine to sew the task with its flap at the same time. Thanks to a 35 x 35cm area, this unit is the perfect solution for working clothes tasks attachments. The program containing all the shapes and pockets data can be changed directly on the machine, which is controlled by the computer. This option allows us to act directly from Italy if a problem is detected, using only the Wi-Fi. The cost of the jigs and its easy changeability makes this unit very flexible.

UAM 01
Technical features
Production 200 - 250 pcs/h
Electrical Supply 380 V + N
Pneumatic Supply 7 Bar
Air Consumption 3 l/pc
Packing 190x165x200h cm
Weight 560 Kg

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