Pocket lines


Pocket creasing machine


The pressing machine Mod. 1002 was built to crease pockets and patches with a patented design which uses high pressure and temperature without damaging the fabric. In fact, the system creases the full surface of the patches, which is particularly adapted for braiding, cuffs, polo fronts, sleeve plackets, etc. of all kinds of materials such as cotton, wool, silk, velvet, jersey, leather and synthetic fabric.
The pressure and the temperature are adjustable according to the fabric for best results. The controls are electro- pneumatic and the thermostats, along with the timers, allow a constant time and temperature of the system. The 1002 is also equipped with two creasing heads for maximum productivity. Any shape can be creased and the sizes can be changed quickly and easily, thanks to the simple template.

Technical features
Production 400 pcs/h
Electrical Supply 220 V
Electrical Power 5 Kw
Pneumatic Supply 6 Bar
Air Consumption 10 l/pc
Packing 120x120x190h cm
Weight 275 Kg

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